No Scheduled Maintenance

That kind of says it all 🙂.

Most EVs (Teslas and newer EV car companies) require no scheduled naintenance. This makes sense with no engine oil to change, no tuneups, no belts to check, no spark plugs, brakes that rarely get used, no water levels to check or top off in the radiator, no power steering fluid to fill or replace, no fuses or relays to wiggle or replace (at least in Tesla model 3/Y), no timing belts to check, no idler pulleys, transmission fluid to top off, rough idles to troubleshoot, no lag in accelleration to tweak in the ECU, no check codes to manually have to clear, and so on and so on.

That isn't to say that there aren't things to service...just that they are serviced on an as needed basis. Rotate tires as normal (usually free at most tire stores), and buy tires and have alignment checked and performed if needed when new tires are installed. Shocks when needed, brakes and rotors maybe every 100,000-150,000 miles, AC refill or repair as needed, new batteries possibly if you still have the car as it nears the 500,000 mile mark, cabin air filters (bet very very few people remember to change their gas car cabin filters every year :)), and the batteries and motor do have a glycol coolant with filters that will need service if issues are noticed by the car.