Charging always comes up. Sometimes it is just people confused by the time it takes to actually charge an EV, often just a lack of knowledge. In a nutshell, charging can be broken up into three categories as follows (click on any item to see more info):

Most people will use home charging for everything except long vacation trips and longer daytrips that exceed your cars range for the round trip. That will likely account for 95-100% of most peoples charging requirements barring extremely long daily commutes or people that have no access to home charging.

The roughly 15% of families in the US that drive cars and live in apartments with no access to home charging may have a problem using EVs. Of course if they have close access to high speed chargers that is one option, but not convenient. This is an area that will need improvement in terms of apartment owners providing plug in access or in some cases cities doing the same for on street residential parking. Businesses are also starting to provide charging access for employees and this can solve a persons daily charging requirements as well (often for free). Street plugins and business plugins will likely be the same as home charging (20-40 miles range per hour) and likely won't be free forever for obvious reasons :).