Advanced Tech

EVs for the most part have been designed from the ground up to be just, well, EVs. As a result, engineers have been able to take advantage of the newest technologies and not carry along the baggage of having to use the "parts bin" methodology of new car design (ie use parts from previous ICE cars as much as possible in EV cars). If I recall correctly the only ICE car that seriously diverted from this methodology was the Chrysler 300M, although I'm sure some old tech snuck in even then. 

So, what Advanced Tech is introduced or at least massively enhanced in EVs? Here are the basic categories:

It may sound trivial, but just producing a car without any user replaceable fuses or relays is a nice "switch" away from the tried and true and annoying as hell typical car design approach. Nothing to wiggle or test and replace. 108 Fuses in 5 boxes scattered throughout our Jaguar xk8.   

Slide from a Sandy Munro round table with other auto industry experts.

Tesla leads in core efficiency but newer cars coming out should start competing.