Market Share

Market share in the EV market is complicated by determining what kind of EV is being discussed.  The kinds of EVs include BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles...these are the 100% electric EVs which don't have any gas engine or hydrogen fuel cell to complement the battery), HEV (Hybrid EV...these have gas engines that create the electricity that charges the EV battery and runs the electric motor), PHEV (plug in HEV...these allow you to plug in to charge the battery so that you don't need gas to charge it), and FCEV (hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs...these are discussed here.)

When discussing Tesla Market share you are talking about BEV with PHEV sometimes included . The following charts give some examples of mid 2023 market share info.

One month of sales worldwide broken down by car model. Note that plug in hybrids are included as well.