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Typical performance report on a "slower" single motor Model 3 iirc. Shows the instant and constant acceleration

old ad from 1957

And fossil fuel subsidies have gone up even more since 2018. Lots more.

Structural battery pack for Model Y with cabin floor, seats, and center console preassembled in one unit for fast assembly

Nice trend

Still on original battery, lots of supercharging, one brake job and new tires /alignment of course. 2018 model iirc.

And yes, they are still going down. Was over $6,000 in 2000

Where my EV charging costs fit into a chart showing appliance costs per month.

Altman Z score for top car companies

The Z score is used to predict potential for companies going bankrupt.

Slide from a discussion between Sandy Munro and other Automotive industry experts on Auto manufacturers still using parts bin approach to EV design vs ground up design by Tesla.

Tesla Underbody: single gigapressed front and back underbody parts and Structural battery pack design..

A little perspective on all that "damage". This is just for 2019.

Total Clean Energy: 40%.   Also Natural gas is almost twice as clean as coal in CO2 emission.

Some of the warning symbols that will appear when necessary